Christian art is a form of expression that helps bring scriptures and Biblical concepts to life. These colorful acrylic paintings are uniquely designed by Christian Artist, Ashley Henry, to help you encounter the heart of God.

Featured Paintings

My Spirit Poured Out Gold Frame Square_edited_edited

My Spirit Poured Out 22 x 28 inches ~ Starting at $15 ~

Tribe of Judah Gold Frame Square_edited_edited_edited

Tribe of Judah 24 x 24 inches ~ Starting at $15 ~

The Father's Heart

The Father's Heart 16 x 20 inches ~ Starting at $15 ~

In Over My Head Gold Frame Square_edited

In Over My Head 24 x 30 inches ~ Starting at $15 ~

In Remembrance of Me Gold Frame Square_edited_edited

In Remembrance of Me 24 x 30 inches ~ Starting at $15 ~

The Proposal Gold Frame Square_edited_edited

The Proposal 16 x 20 inches ~ Starting at $15 ~

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Reflecting the Heart of God through Art

Each brush stroke is an act of worship to God and an ever present effort to give glory to Him. There are many facets of God's character, but what resonates the most to me is knowing Him to be full of life, color, fun, joy and mystery waiting to be discovered. In light of that, my works are vivid and colorful and seem to emerge from darkly lit backdrops. God's presence is evident and felt while creating these works. I often say He is the best teacher and helps me as I make pieces for Him. These paintings are ultimately meant to reflect the goodness of God and help those who see them experience the heart of God in a new and creative ways. 

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Whether you hang your painting in your home, office, or  personal space, this colorful work will make a statement while being a constant and beautiful reminder of Him.