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Introducing the Artist
And Inspiration Behind the Art

In 2015, after graduating from Roberts Wesleyan College, my vision as an artist was directionless and obscure. I knew I wanted to paint what I loved (which consisted of Jesus and flowers) but figuring out how to make cohesive and impactful collections of art seemed admittedly daunting.

One fall evening, I had an unforgettable encounter with the Lord where He "dropped" an image into my mind. Immediately, I picked up the only canvas I owned began to paint with a seemingly insatiable desire. In fact, I felt like I could not paint fast enough!


In the midst of creating, I was on a phone call Bible Study meeting and the preacher spoke a prophetic word. He told me that the Lord would be giving me visions of images to paint and that they would go all over the US. I was blown away (especially since he did not know I was painting at the time!)


Ever since then, the Lord has given me images to paint and I have come to love painting His heart on canvas, over and over again. This is what started and continues to be the story of Ashley Henry Artist. 

It is my hope that this art touches your heart in ways that words cannot and that these pieces make waves in our modern culture. May a generation of people young and old be inspired by what the Lord is doing and may it push us, with an insatiable desire, to see and connect with the Lord in new, creative ways.

If you have been inspired by the works you have seen, please reach out! I would love to hear how God is speaking to you and intertwining our stories together through the love of art.

Ashley Henry Artist Green Sweater Headshot (1).jpeg


Henry is primarily known for painting Christian art as an act of worship to God. Her dramatic brushstrokes and vivid colors captures movement and conveys the vibrancy of life. Ashley Henry presently resides in New Jersey.


2011 - National Arts Honors Society


2009 - Drawing and Painting Intensive / Temple University

2015 - B.A. Communication & Studio Art / Roberts Wesleyan College

2019 - Prophetic Art / Lifestyle Christianity University


2010 - Mural / Burlington County Library

2011 - Community Murals - Rancocas Valley Regional High School 

2018 - Laurel Theater Mural / 32 S. Laurel St. Bridgeton, NJ


2015 - Soulful Encounters/ Roberts Wesleyan College

2022 - Grace and Glory Exhibit with Christian Connect


2018 - The Love Story of Jesus


2022 - Prophetic Art Class at Accelerate Church

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