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Are You Ready for Some Good News?

With fun, playful poetry, simple words, and brightly colored illustrations, The Love Story of Jesus brings to life the beauty of God’s love in a new, exciting way! From creation to salvation and places in between, this re-telling of Gospel is sure to encourage kids to pursue a fruitful, lifelong relationship with the Lord.


"I've read a lot of Christian children's books, but with this one I can really feel the presence of the Lord!"


"For some reason the students I mentor always gravitate to this book. Because of it, they finally understand the meaning behind Easter!"


"We need more books like this!"

Included in this book:

- A poetic story of the Gospel

- Dynamic pictures perfect for conversational teaching moments

- A closing explanation of what it means to be saved

- A prayer to help kids accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior

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Let's get excited about Jesus!



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By clicking, "Buy Now" you will be redirected to WestBow Press' Bookstore where you can make a secure purchase of "The Love Story of Jesus."

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