Thank you for your interest in receiving a one of a kind Ashley Henry Artist painting!


If you have a prophetic word, dream, or important moment you shared Lord and would like to make a visual representation of it, you are in the right place!  Your piece will be vibrant visual reminder of your special moment with the Lord. Your dreams and visions are important to Ashley and we look forward to working with you to create your next piece!

Frequently Asked Questions


REFUNDS There is a no refund policy. All paintings are sold as is. 


REPLICAS Each painting is unique to the client. For that reason, Ashley does not replicate original work. Mention which works you are inspired by and Ashley can collaborate to create a new unique piece. 


TIME FRAME Paintings take 4-6 weeks to complete once the painting process begins. This includes the time it takes for a painting to dry and be sealed with varnish before delivery. 


 DELIVERY Delivery costs are subject to change based on location and size. At this time, Ashley is accepting US deliveries only. 


ELIGIBILITY New and existing clients must submit a request for new painting ideas. Once your request is received, you will be notified by Ashley as to whether your request is accepted or declined. Accepted applicants will be further contacted with consultation details. 

Commission Questionnaire

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